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台美人紀錄片拍攝計畫 ( 台美史料中心四月 )

宣傳台美人紀錄片拍攝計畫-Life Lessons from Ah-Ma and Ah-Gong &近期文章介紹







宋瑞珍醫師分享他個人從台灣到美國求學、就職的經歷。1991 年,他被史坦福大學聘任為終身教授職 (Tenured Professor) 。2001年至2007年間,宋醫師返回台灣擔任國立成功大學醫學院院長兼大學副校長。宋醫師是心律基金會的創始人(Founders of the Heart Rhythm Society)之一,目前是美國內科醫師學會(FACP)、美國心臟學院 (FACC)、美國心臟協會(FAHA)和心律協會(FHRS)的會士。




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Promoting Taiwanese American Documentary project ”Life Lessons from Ama and Agong!” and Recent Post on TA Archives

Dear Friends,

TA Archives has received a proposal for a new feature length documentary. It is about Taiwanese American grandparents creating a series of life lessons to leave to their grandchildren. The movie’s producers will soon be searching the country for first generation Taiwanese Americans who may be willing to share their wisdom, skills, and histories with the next generation. The website is coming soon. If you are interested in this project, please reach out to

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Dr. Ruey J. Sung journey began in 1969 when he arrived in the US from Taiwan. Since then, he has had the privilege of serving as an internist, cardiologist, and clinical cardiac electrophysiologist. In 2001, he returned to Taiwan to give back, serving as Dean of National Cheng Kung University Medical College for over six years and Chair Professor of Life Science at National Central University for five years.

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has elected 114 new members and 21 international members, announced NAE President John L. Anderson today. This brings the total U.S. membership to 2,310 and the number of international members to 332. Burke, Hsiao-hua K., principal staff, Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Mass. For technology and leadership in remote sensing techniques and systems for ballistic missile defense and space systems.

If you would like to share stories to all Taiwanese Americans, please send your articles and stories to us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address

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From ECG to Odyssey: A Life in Academic Clinical Medicine

With wife, Kuei-Jung (攝影者:蔡娟娟 )
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